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Computer Repairs

Providing Computer Repairs & IT Support Services To Local Businesses & Home Users

Computer Repair

All types of computer repairs undertaken. I repair computer, laptops, iMac, MacBook and prety much any type of computer systems. My workshop is fully kitted out with all the tools and software I need to fix prety much anything.

Laptop Repair

Broken screens, dead batteries, broken power jacks, spilt drinks on the keyboard- these are the most common repairs I come accross. Most of the time these are all repairable.

Free Quote

Everyone likes something for FREE. Before any repairs take place I will ring you to let you know how much things will cost. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair there is no charge.

IT Support

IT Support Services for Local Businesses & Home Users

 IT Support

We think of this as something just businesses need. This is no longer the case. As our homes become more and more connected, the need for my services has never been greater.

 Small Business

Problems with file sharing? Cannot access your emails? No problem, with the latest tools and software, I can diagnose problems right away. No contracts necassary, a one off charge and you can be on your way.

 Home Users

Our homes are becomming more and more connected everyday. Lights, heating, CCTV all kinds of tech. This is where I come in. I can get all these things connected and working for you.


With the help of my expertise, I can get you connected


Wireless signals are not designed to penetrate walls. That said, I can extend the wireless coverage around your home to make surfing wirelessly less of a pain.


An ethernet connection is the number one choice for connecting computers together on a home or small office network. The speeds compared to wireless are vastly different and far more reliable. If you need a superior connection for your home or office then this is the way to go.


Gaming over wireless is a no no. There are inherent latency issues with wireless that you simply cant get rid of. Things like ping and lag will be greatly improved with an ethernet connection.

Website Packages

I provide simple affordable business website packages to get you online


I can supply a complete business package to get your small business online and ranked by the major search engines. Domain name, Hosting and Web Design in one single package. No need to be bogged down with website issues. I handle the whole process for you.


Google has become the go to place for everything nowadays. If your small business or new startup project has not got an online presence then you are seriously hampering your chances of generating new business. With my help I can get you on Google with targeted campaigns and get you noticed.


Is your current website mobile friendly. If the answer is no then Google has just stopped taking notice of your website. You may even be missing from the search giant all together. People now use mobile devices far more than desktop computers. I can help bring your website up to scratch and get you back on Google.

Remote Fix

No visit necassary, I can fix your computer remotely
download the app then call 01903 868122

Fast & Secure

Sometimes my customers prefer that I remotely fix their computers. This is achieved with sofisticated software that is both secure and fast.

Strong Encryption

From end to end all data is encrypted and secure. A random password is generated before connection commences. Once the job is complete I disconnect from your PC and have no further access to it.

Who is this for

This type of computer repair is great for office and home workers who are in a hurry. So long as you have a working internet connection I can remotely control your PC or Laptop.

Unwanted Software

Are you plagued by viruses and malware on your computer?


A computer virus can cause mayhem inside your computer. It can create all sorts of problems. With my help I can make sure your computer is clean of all viruses and trojans. Top tip - Stay away from free software claiming to remove everything under the sun. There is no such thing.


Malware is slighlty different to a computer virus. Most of the time computers are infected with Malware rather than a computer virus. Things like making your computer hot, pop ups, hijacking your search results etc. Its usually quite simple to remove but you need to know what to look for.


This is something I have seen on the increase. Your computer gets locked with a password and some telephone number pops up on your screeen asking for money otherwise you will be reported to police for looking at offensive material. Dont panic. You havent done anything wrong, simply call me and I will fix it.

Custom Built Gaming PC

We Build Custom Gaming PCs For The Hardcore Gamer

Custom Built

We build custom gaming PCs to any budget and spec. Out custom gaming PCs are top notch. You tell us what you want and we will build it to order. We have been building custom PCs for over a decade.

Hardcore Gamer

We understand the difference a custom built gaming PC makes to your gaming experience. We are hardcore gamers, we know what you need and we know what works best.


Overclocking is done here in the workshop. We know the maximum we can push the CPU and do all the setting up for you. We can achieve 5GHz on water cooled systems no problem. You can game all day and not worry about it.


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