Custom Built Gaming PC
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Custom Built Gaming PC

We Build Custom Gaming PCs For The Hardcore Gamer

Custom Built

We build custom gaming PCs to any budget and spec. Out custom gaming PCs are top notch. You tell us what you want and we will build it to order. We have been building custom PCs for over a decade.

Hardcore Gamer

We understand the difference a custom built gaming PC makes to your gaming experience. We are hardcore gamers, we know what you need and we know what works best.


Overclocking is done here in the workshop. We know the maximum we can push the CPU and do all the setting up for you. We can achieve 5GHz on water cooled systems no problem. You can game all day and not worry about it.


We Build It, You FRAG With It. Overclocked Custom Built Gaming PC Built To Order.

Water Cooled

The price of liquid Cooled systems has dropped considerabally. We now highly recommend a water cooled system over air cooling. The systems we use are quiet and are maintenance free. No need to replace the coolant etc.


We dont just build your custom gaming pc, we make sure you get the most out it as well. So if you need help setting up your game or getting a decent ping and lag free gaming online, we can make that happen as well.

Free Quote

Tell us what spec you want and we will give you a quote on the parts needed to build your dream machine.

Liquid Cooled

Liquid Cooling Is The Holy Grail Of Hardcore Gaming Rigs.

  Liquid Cooled PC

Using water to cool your PC is the Holy Grail of computer cooling and is the ultimate service a system builder can offer - it separates the men from the boys. Water is over 700 times more dense and can absorb heat 23 times faster than air. Not only is watercooling efficient but is also quiet in operation and looks amazing!

  Quality Components

Our watercooled range feature high end Intel CPU's. Our Systems are chilled by the very best watercooling components. We use the latest technology at the forefront of our high end gaming PCs this ensures maximum gaming performance.

  Heat Dissipation

Our liquid cooled range is not to be confused with the "all in one watercooolers/closed loop" such as the Corsair H60, H80, H100 and the other models manufacturers offer, these systems hold far more coolant, have much higher flow rates, contain full size radiators, which ultimately get rid of a lot more heat.

Our Guarantee

Awesome Gaming PCs Built To Order. We Love Gaming, This Shows In All Our Builds.

  Heavily Modified

All of our watercooled range are heavily modified, they can be customised exactly to your specification.


Whatever you need in regards to water cooled custom built gaming PCs, we can build it.


All our gaming rigs come with full manufacturer warranty plus our 90 day full service and repair gaurantee.


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